Writing The Times

North Edinburgh Arts is delighted to be able to share ‘Writing the Times’. New work by Alice Musumba Purves, David Francis, David Pickering, Dawn Pearce, Ferdinand McKay, Mary Graham, Rhona Cameron, Sandra Newby, Sasha Noel, Tracey Anderson.

Stephanie Knight, who led the project, reflects on the process and the times in her introduction:

‘Writing the Times has been a six week project, with weekly Zoom meetings, and continuous emails. During the Zoom meetings, we discussed other people’s writing that inspired us, we read our drafts, we considered frameworks, layout, quotes, prologues and epilogues, we discussed how our readers might respond to our writing. The project was open to participants and artists who have worked with North Edinburgh Arts Theatre project, and to Yoga Students at North Edinburgh Arts. People self-selected, and this publication demonstrates the commitment and dedication everyone has given to Writing the Times.

This is published at the time when we would have been witnessing Edinburgh swing into full Festival flourish. Now we plan, reflect and then plan again for another time.’

This project was supported by a Wellbeing Grant from the COVID-19 SUPPORTING COMMMUNITIES FUND administered by EVOC

Writing The Times was a six-week creative writing project, led by Stephanie Knight, exploring themes focusing on extraordinary times we’re currently living in. Participants were invited to take part in weekly online sessions and submit their writing by the end of July.

There will be a limited edition of printed copies of Writing the Times available in the autumn, and the writers are hoping to record in the NEA studio to share their work as spoken word. Check our Facebook Page for updates.

Writing The Times: Three Themes

Fables for the Future

We are experiencing a time in our lives when we have had to learn very quickly about how to live in new ways. What have you had to learn? 

How will this guide you for living your life once the pandemic has left? Will your relationships with your family, friends, community, yourself, the environment change? What will be important to you? How will you take care of yourself in the future? How are you surviving? In 10 years’ time, when you tell people about the Pandemic of 2020, what will you say about what you have learnt?

Stories to be Shared

What are the stories that are important to you now? Is it family stories, stories of online relationships, stories of how neighbours worked together to create a better way of being? 

Is there an old story from some years ago, that you see as echoing what we’re going through together now? What stories do you share with your families and friends now?

Tales to be Told 

Now this section is for the mischievous tales, the tales that probably need to be anonymous, and yet have an element of mischief in them. Did you play a trick on someone? Did someone play a trick on you? Did someone steal your online delivery from outside your door? Who had the all night online party? 

More seriously, if or when things become tough, what do you do?