Theatre project

theatre project

Fridays, 5.30 – 7.30pm, 16+ years, Free

Background and Development of the project

North Edinburgh Arts Theatre project is an established and well-recognised Theatre project for adults, and has a track record for exciting and innovative productions and events.  The project was developed in 2011 after research into the requirements of local people. The main finding of this research was that people wanted to make theatre again, after a history of using theatre and other art forms to create work which highlights their community and its needs and aspirations. The project supports the participants’ aspirations and hard work for well-being and full creative lives, making strong contributions to their own communities as well as participating in the North Edinburgh Arts Theatre project.

In November 2011 North Edinburgh Arts Theatre project developed Yes We CanCan – a Cabaret of Resistance, which was the cementing of the project. Since then, the project has participated in a number of performances including Theatre Uncut in 2012 & 2013 and it regularly offers Sharing-of-Work and Work-in-Progress events. The 1d Tenement Opera in January 2015 through the support of the People’s Health Trust was an exciting and important development for North Edinburgh, and since then, the film Remembering Today, which was made in October 2015, has been acclaimed and celebrated.

In 2016, the North Edinburgh Arts’ Theatre project was joined by Festival and King’s Theatres Edinburgh Learning and Participation Coordinator for one term. The Learning and Participation Coordinator lead Drama Workshops for the children of participants, and welcomed wider participation from other children interested in drama and theatre.

We will post updates of the theatre project on our Facebook page or you can ask at NEA reception what they have coming up.

If you are interested in the Theatre project please contact or call 0131 315 2151, or come along on a Friday evening.