Puppet Animation Festival

Make’n’Take Puppet Making

Workshop by Puppet-Stew

Tuesday, 7 April, 11am – 12.30pm

Ages: 4 +

Cost: £3 / £2 (Good Neighbour)

Length: 90 mins

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Calling all kids! Come along and let your imaginations run wild in our awesome puppet making workshop which is suitable for all ages and abilities! You will think up your own character, then with our guidance, create your very own rod puppet to take home with you. Choose from a huge array of colourful, shiny, fluffy, and inspirational bits and bobs and get creative! What will you make!?

Make n Take


Performance by Ipdip Theatre

Wednesday, 8 April, 11am

Ages: 0 – 5

Cost: £5 (Adults); £3 (Children); £2 (Good Neighbour)

Length: 40 mins

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On the edge of a wood, in a hole in the wall of a timber house, there lives a very tiny and very shy white mouse. As the seasons unfold through a cycle of sensory poems (told by a very small, very shy, furry little poet) we meet a writer who has come to the woods for inspiration; and finds the greatest things in the tiniest of spaces.

Musical, tactile, curious and sweet, this play is a love letter to living moment to moment. A lyrical story created for small children and their adults to cosy in and enjoy together blending puppetry and poetry.


Capturing Creativity

Workshop by Miryam Lacey

Hand crank music box animation – sound design and traditional animation workshop.

Wednesday, 15 April, 11am – 3pm

Ages: 8 – 16

Cost: £3 / £2 (Good Neighbour)

Length : 4 hours

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Explore animation and sound in this fun workshop for children aged 8-16. Workshop participants will get the opportunity to explore sound for the Moving Image by creating their own compositions. Using hand crank music boxes participants will create melodies by punching holes in blank music sheets, which will then feed through a music box and recorded to create the soundtracks for our short films. As for the animation, we will experiment with a variety of traditional animation techniques, including zoetrope, rostrum plan, sand on glass, cut out, object and hand-drawn, creating short sequences and animated loops.

By the end of the workshop, each participant will have created and produced their very own Animated Short!

Capturing Creativity

Doing The Dishes

Performance by Sokobauno Puppet & Object Theatre

Thursday, 16 April, 2pm

Ages: 3+

Cost: £5 (Adults); £3 (Children); £2 (Good Neighbour)

Length: 45 minutes

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Exhausted from an energetic and fun-filled birthday party, our host is faced with the messy aftermath of his big day. But cleaning-up is the last thing on his mind as he enters a wordless, clownish and rhythmic farce. Sponges, scourers, pots, plates and pans are given a whole new role as they are imaginatively brought to life through music, movement, gesture and breath, helping to create fabulously playful vignettes. A very good way to liven up the menial task of doing the dishes!

With live music throughout, this highly visual and mischievous performance showcases the musicality and expert puppetry skills of Shane Connolly, one of Scotland’s leading puppeteers.

Doing the dishes