Community Shed North Edinburgh

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The Community Shed North Edinburgh is a partnership project between local residents, NEA and Link-Up Muirhouse.

This project is working to establish a community workshop space in Muirhouse, which will be used for repair activities and for upcycling wood to make household and garden items, saving CO2 through diverting wood and other items from landfill. Tools will be available for people to use for their own projects and belongings, also reducing borrowers carbon footprint by reducing the individual purchasing of tools. The Shed will also run sessions on specialist skills to provide opportunities for local people to learn how to make, repair and upcycle other items themselves, and will provide opportunities for people to work together and to contribute towards their community, offering a supportive space for people to get together.  The project will also raise awareness of climate change through training and discussion sessions as well as linking project activities that tackle waste to the bigger picture.


We have been awarded a grant of £133,830* from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund for two years to develop this project with the local community.

*Includes maximum funding of £40,149 from the European Regional Development Fund.