Community Shed North Edinburgh

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Why a Community Shed?

People in North Edinburgh have expressed their desire to have a community shed in this part of the city.  Local people involved in both Link Up and North Edinburgh Arts’ have both said ‘We want a community shed’.

North Edinburgh Arts and Link Up listened and worked together to apply for funds to start a community shed.  We were successful in getting funding from the Climate Change Fund for this project and the shed will be open to the public in July.

The focus of the shed is to reuse materials so as to reduce climate change.  Each year we throw away tons of stuff into landfill in Scotland that could be recycled, including wood. The Community Shed will do it’s bit to reduce this waste and convert it into useful and beautiful things.

Who can use it?

The shed will be open to anyone aged 16 or over from the North Edinburgh community who wants to get involved. We will run specific sessions for both men and women, but there will also be sessions open to anyone.

We hope that the shed will become a safe place where people can come together to learn new skills, use old skills, meet people, and have a laugh while being productive.

If you want to learn a new skill, then the shed could be the place for you to do this – please talk to anyone from the shed team about this.

Shed in Action

We are running a few informal sessions just now and this week we were visited by the police – not due to any criminal activity (honest guv!) – but because they heard that a community shed was opening and they wanted to see it. Here is a photo of them busy sanding some wood with which we plan to make some vertical planters for North Edinburgh Arts Community Garden.

Police in the shed

If you want to get involved with the shed then we are running more informal sessions on a Wednesday at the moment.  Contact us to arrange a visit.

Wanted: Can you Help?

Tradespeople to train us

We are looking for local people who have skills to come and share them with the community. Have you got joinery or carpentry skills, can you work with metal, can you throw pots, etc, if so come and get involved and pass on your skills to enthusiastic local people.

Tools, Furniture, Reusable Wood, Fabric

Do you have any tools which you don’t use then you can donate them to the shed (although please no gardening tools as we can’t use them).

We also need wood, furniture and fabrics so if you have any of these which you don’t need you can donate them to the shed and know that they will be put to good use in North Edinburgh.

More Permanent Accommodation

We are currently based in the old Co-Op building on Pennywell Road but this is not ideal for us.  We are therefore looking for suitable and permanent accommodation and so if you are aware of buildings or land which we could use for the shed then please do contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Do you need something repaired or built?

Finally if you live in North Edinburgh and you need / want something which the shed could repair or build for you please contact us to discuss your needs.

Contact us

In the meantime if you want to find out more then please contact Rik at North Edinburgh Arts Telephone: 0131 315 2151, Email:


We have been awarded a grant of £133,830* from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund for two years to develop this project with the local community.

*Includes maximum funding of £40,149 from the European Regional Development Fund.