North Edinburgh Timebank

TIMEBANKING: A Recipe for a Healthy, Caring and Supportive Community


  • People – any number, any size, any shape, any age
  • Time – best quality, only small quantities required
  • Reciprocity – full flavour, traditional variety.  Helping is a two-way street
  • Fun – in generous helpings


  • Take as many fresh people as can be found locally
  • Sift out their spare time and individual talents
  • Blend and mix thoroughly
  • Season with a healthy sprinkling of reciprocity
  • Add a large dollop of fun
  • Leave to prove in a warm environment to allow trust to permeate

Timebanking is a way of bringing people together in a community to share whatever it is they have: time, skills, expertise, anything and everything that makes good community spirit!

Everyone has something to offer their community, and we all need to each other to create a great community. Timebanking encourages people to come up with creative ways of improving their communities and learning new things.

People can become lonely and socially isolated for lots of different reasons. Timebanking is a way of encouraging people to get involved in their at their own pace.


North Edinburgh Timebank groups:

Knit and Natter: Wednesdays 10am -12.00noon, North Edinburgh Arts Café

For those who can knit and crochet and those who want to learn. We knit and crochet different items: toys, blankets, hats, gloves, scarves….We make a bit of money from selling the stuff and we also make things for charity. We also get out and about and attend events and organise masterclasses to learn new stuff.


Chat Café – in conjunction with Living In Harmony, starts again on Monday 20 August!

Mondays 12.00pm -2.00pm at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, 11 Pilton Drive, North Edinburgh, EH5 1NF

For those new to the area and those who’ve been here a while. For those learning English and those who already speak it. This is a relaxed group to help people make friends and find their way about the area, share different cultures and learn new skills. We meet every week, usually a couple of people bring food to share, we chat, plan activities (like craft making sessions, trips out etc) and generally get to know each other. We have a free creche – which must be booked in advance.



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Learn all you need to know to pass the theory test while working one to one with support using a DVD and going at your pace…..


North Edinburgh Arts

15a Pennywell Court, Edinburgh, EH4 4TZ


Thursday from 23rd August 2018

From 9.30am until 11.30am


If you wish any further details you can also contact Heather Yang on 07958 540 438 or email on:






Phone/text Heather Yang on 07958 540 438


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North Edinburgh Timebank is managed by and funded by City of Edinburgh Council.