Yesterday, 11th June 2020, we learned The City of Edinburgh Council Policy and Sustainability Committee decided, at this time, not to submit the North Edinburgh Arts development bid for  consideration under the Scottish Government Regeneration Capital Grant scheme.

North Edinburgh Arts is, of course, disappointed with this outcome. However with the positive support from Councillors and officers, at the committee, NEA will continue to work in partnership with the Council and community to deliver a Community Hub, as the final phase for the regeneration of McMillan Square in Muirhouse.

North Edinburgh Arts is at stage 2 of both a Community Asset Transfer bid, and related Scottish Land Fund bid to transfer North Edinburgh Arts fully into community ownership, and to enable the organisation to lead on the development of a high quality creative and community hub; much needed by the local community pre-Covid, arguably more in the period to follow, post pandemic. NEA has wide support with 96% of local residents consulted fully supporting the plans, alongside cross-party support from local, Scottish and UK elected representatives following briefings early this year, tabling our vision and full business case.

The Business Case, Architect sketches, and development timetable will be presented, again, to officers and Councillors over the coming weeks. With NEA working to ensure the next report considered by the Council achieves a positive outcome, for NEA, for McMillan Square, and for our local community.

Lesley Hinds

Chair, North Edinburgh Arts

For more information about our plans, please read NEA Business Plan 2020 – Community Enterprise.

Architect Sketch -Richard Murphy Architects

Architects Sketch by Richard Murphy Architects.