Graham’s Story

Q1. What is your volunteer role at North Edinburgh Arts?

Where do I start…varied. I have worked on the whole spectrum including in the café, Zoo Arts, Create, Summer Programme and other things too.

Q2. How long have you been volunteering?

6 months [from] February 2016, I was on a Project Scotland placement for the first 3 months.

Q3. Why did you start volunteering?

To try and get an idea of what I wanted to do in terms of work and explore different possibilities.

Q4. Have you enjoyed volunteering here and why?

Yes, you meet loads of lovely and interesting people.

Q5. Have you gained any new skills and/or achievements?

Having never worked with children I have gained experience and confidence which has been beneficial. I have picked up skills from Kraftworks such as sewing. I have also completed training course with REHIS Cookery Skills and Play@home.

Q6. What would you say about NEA to encourage other people to volunteer?

If you are flexible, dynamic and adaptable, then it’s a great place to be.