eco kidz

Unfortunately Eco Kidz didn’t receive funding to continue this term. We will post on our Facebook page if we are able to start the project again in the future. In the meantime, why don’t you try making some of Eco Kidz’ projects at home using their book as your guide?

Eco Kidz was a creative social enterprise project set up by North Edinburgh Arts. The aim of the project was to develop the art, design and basic business skills of local children aged between 8-12 years. Working under the guidance of Rachel Henderson and Elizabeth Crombie, both professional artists, the group created their own ‘Eco Kidz’ brand of handmade market ready products inspired by up-cycling and made from recycled materials where possible.

Participants retailed their range of products to the public at various local and city based markets and through an online shop. (Have a look at their Christmas Market Stall photos here.) All sales were then be put directly back into developing the business range further. Participants also helped to write a creative resource of “how to” ideas for the public to access online, in Muirhouse Community Shop and in Muirhouse library.

Download our ‘How to Make’ book here.