The Shed is a safe place where people can come together to make things, mend things, learn new skills or use old ones, meet people, and have a laugh while being productive. Shed participants can either work on their own project or support Shed staff to mend/make things for local people and organisations.

Here are some quotes from members who have used the Shed:

It is brilliant, it is the best day all week. It makes me feel useful and meeting different people and learning new things is great. 

It has given me a place to go where I can be myself and have fun. Given me the chance to meet new friends. I am learning new skills – like using the lathe and working the band saw etc.

It’s given me a life. it’s made me want to get up and move, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. I have been meeting people and it gives me a place to go and I am not sitting in the house. It helps with my depression.

It’s been great – I’ve got more confidence – meeting new people has been great. I look forward to coming. The people are great and they are nice and I just love going. 

The Shed has had a great impact on my “maker’s brain” – I am enthusiastic again about creative projects and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom we have to make absolutely anything we want to make, within reason of course. Getting to know the Instructors and fellow Shed users has been a blast, fun and laughter is never far away.   

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed and for their quotes to be used.

Community Groups

Do you run a community group who are looking for productive things to engage in? If so, then you might be able to book a regular slot in the Shed.  Alternatively, if you are a community group who wants something built then please contact us and we can try and arrange this for you. Examples of requests already received include planters for a community garden and a noticeboard for a community kitchen. You can see some of the things we’ve made here.

Here a few quotes from members of local community groups who took part in our sessions:

“This is totally new for me and I loved every bit of it. I want to come back because I love it. I want to do more stuff.”

“I am very happy, the wood thing is very fun, and I learnt lots of things. How to cut, how to measure, how to drill, how to sand and proper measurements. I’m very happy and I want to come back.”

“For me, the same as the other girls, its new skills, it’s a feel using tools, building our confidence. I had to cut a circle which was very scary and was really good fun to learn.”

“I prefer this to the cooking.”