The Shed is a safe place where people can come together to make things, mend things, learn new skills or use old ones, meet people, and have a laugh while being productive. Shed participants can either work on their own project or support Shed staff to mend/make things for local people and organisations.

Here are some quotes from members who have used the Shed:

It is brilliant, it is the best day all week. It makes me feel useful and meeting different people and learning new things is great. 

It has given me a place to go where I can be myself and have fun. Given me the chance to meet new friends. I am learning new skills – like using the lathe and working the band saw etc.

It’s given me a life. it’s made me want to get up and move, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. I have been meeting people and it gives me a place to go and I am not sitting in the house. It helps with my depression.

It’s been great – I’ve got more confidence – meeting new people has been great. I look forward to coming. The people are great and they are nice and I just love going. 

The Shed has had a great impact on my “maker’s brain” – I am enthusiastic again about creative projects and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom we have to make absolutely anything we want to make, within reason of course. Getting to know the Instructors and fellow Shed users has been a blast, fun and laughter is never far away.   

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed and for their quotes to be used.

Community Groups

Do you run a community group who are looking for productive things to engage in? If so, then you might be able to book a regular slot in the Shed.  Alternatively, if you are a community group who wants something built then please contact us and we can try and arrange this for you. Examples of requests already received include planters for a community garden and a noticeboard for a community kitchen. You can see some of the things we’ve made here.

Here a few quotes from members of local community groups who took part in our sessions:

“This is totally new for me and I loved every bit of it. I want to come back because I love it. I want to do more stuff.”

“I am very happy, the wood thing is very fun, and I learnt lots of things. How to cut, how to measure, how to drill, how to sand and proper measurements. I’m very happy and I want to come back.”

“For me, the same as the other girls, its new skills, it’s a feel using tools, building our confidence. I had to cut a circle which was very scary and was really good fun to learn.”

“I prefer this to the cooking.”


Dusherra 2021

The Scottish Indian Arts Forum (SIAF) approached the Shed in August 2021 and asked us to make them three effigies for their festival on Carlton Hill in Edinburgh on the 17th October. Shed staff took this proposal to the Shed Steering Group to ask if this was a project that they wanted us to be involved in. The steering group unanimously voted in favour of building the effigies for the SIAF.

The Shed then spent the next 8 weeks every Friday and a few other sessions building the effigies. This was a tremendously exciting project to work on for us as we had never done anything like it on this scale before. We hope that we will be asked again in the future.

Here are some photos of our work on top of Carlton Hill. This first one helps you to understand the scale of what we build. Each effigy was approximately 15′ tall or about 5 metres. The second one shows all three of the effigies in situ on the hill.

The effigies were then set alight at about 8pm on the night of the 17th October 2021. They took approximately 8 weeks to build and about 100 hours of volunteer time and about 6 minutes to burn.

The Shed would like to thank the Scottish Indian Arts Forum for inviting us to participate in this work.