Chat Café

Chat Café

on conjunction with Living In Harmony

Mondays 12.00pm -2.00pm at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, 11 Pilton Drive, North Edinburgh, EH5 1NF.

For those new to the area and those who’ve been here a while. For those learning English and those who already speak it. This is a relaxed group to help people make friends and find their way about the area, share different cultures and learn new skills. We meet every week, usually a couple of people bring food to share, we chat, plan activities (like craft making sessions, trips out etc.) and generally get to know each other.

We have a free crèche which must be booked in advance. Please call Amanda on 0131 551 1671 to arrange a place for the crèche.


Contact: Phone/text Heather Yang on 07958 540 438


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